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Return Policy Information

Information Regarding Pygmaleon’s Return Policies

Pygmaleon.com and the majority of its product vendors (sellers) that utilize this platform of virtual sales Pygmaleon.com,  offer returns within 30 days following the receipt of your purchase.  In this page we have consigned very important information about how to carry out a return in case this is necessary.  The majority of the products sold at Pygmaleon.com are dependent on a general return policy observing the best practices of the market. However some product categories rely on their own return policies.

The requisites that we observe at Pygmaleon to accept returns & authorize reimbursement for payments already made directly through Pygmaleon or through one of the several companies  that use our platform are as follows:

•  All products without exception must be new and in perfect condition.
•  All products must be returned in their original packaging and must include all accessories. 
•  Media products (for example, such as movies, music, videos, games and software) must be sealed in their own packaging. 
•  Musical instruments, TV’s and other electronics must have their UPC  and or their series number.
•  Shoes and clothes in general must not have been worn.  


Returns & Reimbursements

In general you can obtain a reimbursement of your money if you apply during the following four  weeks following your return.  In many cases you will receive your reimbursement before the four weeks are up.  In any case, we estimate four weeks due to the fact that the time required for the shipment of the returned item could be estimated up to 14 days, followed by the process of inspection in our new facilities or in the facilities of our sellers (give or take 5 working days) and the processing time of your return against your bank or credit card company (also give or take 5 working days).  We will notify your return via e-mail along with details, using the same method of payment with which you made the purchase.  Your return expires 90 days after having received your purchase. 


 Returns offered by “sellers” Pygmaleon.com and Pygmaleon.com.

Although the majority of our companies that sell through our platform “sellers” have the same or similar policies to that of Pygmaleon.com.  Some of these have adopted different policies.  Some “sellers”, such as wine vendors do not accept returns. If you decide to become informed about the returns for each category or product, or you wish to clear any doubts in respect to any of the purchases of a product, feel free to consult the “shipping & returns” section in the information page of each product.  Shipping and handling charges can apply to returns.

All returns whose price is $75or higher, should be sent to the provider indicating the guide number or tracking number of the logistics company for that purpose.  If the order is above $100, please insure the returned item for the value of what is worth and send it with a confirmed receipt. To return items whose price is $75 or less, we suggest sending it through USPS (United States Postal Service) with a confirmed receipt.

If your package has not been received by Pygmaleon or by the respective “seller” and you do not have a tracking number.  Or if you did not return the items using a method of transportation, we will not be able to recognize/ validate this as a return.


Articles not Accepted as Returns

Pygmaleon does not accept returns of the following articles.

•  Articles considered as “hazardous materials” that use liquids or flammable gases (contact manufacturer directly to         find out about services, guarantee, returns and information about refunds).
•  Computers, laptops, desktops and tablets with less than 30 days of having been received.    
•  Any electronic product that does not have a UPC number or a serial number. 
•  Download apps.
•  Gift cards, except for what is required by the law.
•  Pre-Paid Video Cards (World of Warcraft, X Box 360 Live, Wii Points, etc). Articles bought from providers different than Pygmaleon.com  (although it’s possible that these providers accept these returns in a more direct way).
•  Articles of personal use or health.
•  Edible products.
•  Open Software.
•  Articles with special restrictions imposed by the United States Department of Transportation  (as indicated on the product detail page).
•  Live Insects.
•  Wines & perishables items (food articles, chocolates, plants and flowers)
•  Perfumes and Fragrances
•  Any designer brand name clothing, shoes, purses and accessories if the security tag is removed.